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Welcome to my website! Here you can explore a variety of novels I have written, as well as my blog. Don't forget to follow me on social media to stay on my latest work. Thank you for visiting!


New Drama/mystery Novel

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The Smiths are divorced and now they are fighting custody over their adoptive ten-year-old son, Tyler. Both parents are distrusting of the other one for someone is stalking them both especially while Tyler is in their vehicles. John Smith hires a lawyer to get the upper hand while the mother, Maria has her tricks up her sleeve. Neither of them knows what is to come of Tyler who has to deal with the blow of this whole dysfunctional mess. Who is stalking who and why?

The Birth Certificate

You Have Until Midnight


Seven debt-ridden souls are invited to a remote mansion on the outskirts of town by the well-known Mr. Vaunwestler. Tulie-Bea is a hard-working woman trying to stay afloat as an accountant. Kadina is struggling with a failing marriage and Susan is a self-entitled woman who will do anything to get on top. All three women work for Mr. Vaunwestler and they meet others who also get a chance for wealth and riches. Will each of these women get a chance of being rich or will they discover the horrors that lie inside the mansion?

Evenings and Night Openings Available

Charlotte Roberts is dead. Her nephew and Niece: Grayson and Mia Roberts move again to Lagoon Haven with their great Aunt Leonne who owns a restaurant. The two siblings have to learn how to deal with their new surroundings as they go to a new school and child care center at night called Little Angels. Grayson meets a new boy named Charlie and they both discover that the children at night behave strangely. The two boys deal with bullies at school and they become hunters with Charlie's grandfather as they both rid the city of stragoi night creatures.


Polygyny defines a man taking more than one woman as a wife. Many times, it is referred to as Polygamy. It is a widespread cultural practice that is still practiced today in many parts of the world. This book will expose religion's lies regarding this form of marriage.

Did God create polygamy? Many people believe and teach that it is allowed and use the Bible as a reference to justify polygyny as a sound doctrine; this book intends to prove the opposite by bringing forth the truth and uncovering the lies of this dangerous false doctrine.

The Lie of Polygyny



Foster children: Roger, Pete, Dontay, Miguel, and his sister Mary must survive a cruel foster mother who seems hell-bent on destroying their lives. Mason Mc. Faulkner, a twelve-year-old black native orphan who knows the truth behind her madness, will do all within his power to prevent the children from becoming satanic sacrifices. Hazel Randolf the head witch will not stop at nothing to destroy the foster boy nemesis.

Them Against Us

This book is part of a series. Visit the product page by clicking the button below.



Welcome to the world of Hebrew Gospel Fables. A collection of short stories written from a biblical perspective, and designed to teach valuable life lessons using scriptures that will help you and your children learn, grow, and become humble followers of the bible. 

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