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Get Your Spooky Fix with 'You Have Until Midnight': A Must-Read Horror Book Release

What’s good everyone! Welcome to all of the authors, readers, and bookworms out there. To all of my friends and supporters thank you. This is October month and there are some new ghoulish books out there with spooky interest. My new book for example is one of those gems that I had recently published. It is available on Amazon check out my website and link for. More details. I have the Kindle and paperback version available as well as it being on the Kindle Unlimited. I am excited and this is again my first stand-alone book. If you haven’t read any of my books, then I suggest you give it a shot and read one. October is the perfect month to go out and read some good books. If you are into horror, then you can’t go wrong with my own book.


Welcome to Vaunwestler

Welcome to the industrious, popular city of Vaunwestler, Indiana. Centered a few hours from Chicago Illinois and Gary, Indiana. You will read about the wealthy Mr. Vaunwestler. The man who is the Rockefeller of the city. A philanthropist who loves to help people. A loan giver and multi-millionaire who is kind, warm, and generous.

Or is he?

Have you ever been in debt? It is not fun and will rob you of your freedom and way of life. People tend to ignore debt until it eats away at them until they have nothing left. What would you do if you were given the opportunity to be debt-free? Will you run at that chance? Or will you think it’s a scam? Take a look inside my book and see for yourself.

New Horror Books Out

I have discovered some new creepy horror books. Some of them I had already read and others, I am shocked that I didn’t know about it. I love to read horror and it is my favorite genre. I collect old childhood books like Goosebumps and other books.

1) Home Before Dark- Riley Sager

2) The Reddening- Adam Nevill

3) The Black House-Steven King/Peter Straub

4) A Good House For Children- Kate Collins (I read this book)

5) All Hollows Christopher Golden (I read this book)

6) Your Not Supposed to Die Tonight- Kalynn Baylon

7) Delicious Monsters-Liselle Sambury

8) Their Vicious Games- Joelle Wellington

9) Clown in a Cornfield-Adam Cesare

10) The Pram- Joe Hill

11) Ankle Snatcher- Grady Hendrix

12) Paul Tremblay- In Bloom

13) Big Bad- Chandler Baker

14) It Waits in the Woods- Josh Malerman

I think I will have to read some of these books myself. Because Josh’s book looks pretty interesting. There are so. Many more books out there and many of these are cheap to purchase and can be read for free with the Kindle Unlimited.

Finding Your Inspiration

What ideas do use to write your novels? To all of the other authors and writers out there. We all have inspirations and ideas. We are influenced by many things and a story is all around us. What do you all have to get your creative juices going? Some people have a muse to rely on. Some people steal ideas and others create their own. Never listen to people say a story seems boring. If you the writer like the story, then write it. I believe that using our creativity enhances our intelligence. Take advantage of real-life issues and situations, and use your dreams even if they seem crazy. Go outside and use nature too. Man, poets are great at this. I wish I could write poetry, but I can’t so never ignore potential ideas.


Book Club Review: September

Class Mom-Laurie Gelman

In September I went back to my book club and read a comedy book about a mom in Kansas City who messed around and got pregnant again at 40 years old. She already has two college-age daughters, and she gets put in charge of emailing parents for class parties and functions. I actually thought the story was not bad at all. A typical story about a housewife who realizes that she is getting old. Other parents have a hard time with her sarcastic jokes. The book is like a B+ only because It didn’t fascinate me that much. I like a story to wow me in some way and thrillers and horror do that for me. Either way, if you are a mom with a five-year-old and like a good comedy, then is book is good.

That’s all for this week. Thank you so much for reading my blog. Please make sure to share it with others and check out my new book this month. Never stop being you, love yourself to the fullest, and read more books.


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