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Learning About Story Tension, Indie Book Review, WIP Progress, & Horror Movie Remakes.

Hey ya'll it's Juneteeth and i'm back. Welcome again to all my Monday Night blog. Welcome to all of the readers today, especially if you are new. I am happy to report that I have been having fun lately. I had went to my 20 year class reunion, I had went to some birthday parties and mine is coming up next month. I don't know what I will do for my own birthday. I found me a new doll and she only costed me 12.00. Yup, I am a bonafide doll collector. I was too happy to find her at Ollies and she was last one left. I have to check out that store. I also found another doll that is a hockey player. I named her Arial.

My WIP Progress

My latest book is going well. I am still in the editing stages and I am working on my book cover. I have a few ideas. I don't know if I want my current cover or if I want to change it. I am still in the process of reading over it and getting it right. This is my new horror book and it is not a part of my horror series. This is my first stand alone book and my next book is going to be my first drama novel. It is going to be like a drama and suspense novel. It is going to good at least to me. I had already written half of it.

My goals is to have it published by the fall. Either September or October of this year and I will have two books released in a year completing my goal. I want to have this book out fast and I am working with my husband now to get my cover done. Sometimes he helps me, and I do my own cover too.


Learning About Tenses

So I wanted to write about story building and tension. Why? Because I didn't know anything about it, lol I know but I am a new author it's not like I have 50 books. So writing tenses is kind of important. I was in. writing group and we all was talking about it. So when you write a novel, most authors already know this but it's basically building conflict. Mosly all fiction has this build in their books. It keeps the reader interested in your stuff. Now, sometimes it doesn't if the novel has good tension if the reader hates the book, they won't read it. That's realistic. So here are the basics to building tension and conflict in the story.

  • Characters and their own issues- Internal and External conflict and Whatever the character is going through in the novel

  • Giving the character goals to meet

  • Make the character fail many times

  • Don't forget a good backstory

  • Plot twists and cliffhangers.

  • Develop the characters and get the reader to love and hate them

  • Multiple tensions ain't bad either

  • Pace the conflict and give it time

So there are some examples of what tension is in the story. Now once I learned what building tesnion is, I had to go back on my own writing to evluate if I even created some of my own tension and conflict in my novels. I realized that I did do this unaware which means that maybe, I have a knack for this writing.

Example of Tension Building

Them Against Us- One example is when the foster children had to fight back by spying on the witches. Some of them were teachers at a public school.

Evening and Night Openings Available- Another example is Grayson and Charlie dealing with bullying and having beef with Richard Meed and his friends.


Indie Book Review: Kim Fedyk- Fantasy (A)

I had downloaded this book a long time ago from Twitter and I finally read it and I just wanted to do a review on the book. It was an interesting fantasy book and I enjoyed the tension that ws in this book too based of Arleth and her life. She had to learn about magic that she already had. It is also a coming of age type of book because the character learns who he or she is. I will give this an A. I liked the fictious world and imagination. I will post a review on Amazon and goodreads and will message her on Twitter. Hopefully, I can find her. If you haven't read this fantasy, give it a try and check it out.


The Boogeyman- Horror (B-)

I finally watched this movie. There are a lot of Boogeyman movies but this one is based off the Steven King story. I actually have the old version on VCR tape and I re-watched and It was a let down. I liked the movie but they changed the story which is what they always do on these re-makes. I don't know why they don't jmust stick to the original story. Yeah, it is ok to do some small changes, but they make these movies into brand new movies. They killed off Lester Billings which is the main character in the story. Ugh, also no one knows who the Boogeyman is making is a cliff hanger but it just made me mad because the original movie told us who the Boogeyman is. Anyway, I wish they would make thesem remakes right or leave it alone. Stop messing up the classics.


SubSpecies V- Horror (A-)

This is the last movie that I saw and it wasn't a remake at all but a prequel to the first ever Subspecies movie. Subspecies is one of my favofrite horror movies. I watched all the series and I grew up with it as a teenager so its nostagia for me. I wanted to see how this play out and it was good. But the part about the father didn't make sense because in the first movie he was alive and well with the bloodstone and in this movie, he got staked in his coffin. Also, they used the same actress that played Michelle as the woman that turned him. I guess they couldn't hire anyone else for the role still, the movie was alright. Will they make another movie, I don't know. If they do, I will watch it.

Well, that's all for today guys. I hope you liked it have a good week. Sign for blogs and check out my website at

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