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Library Book Sale, New Book Reviews & Putting My WIP Together

Hello, and I am back fast with another quick blog for Monday night. I wanted to welcome all the readers and authors on this topic. Tonight, this is for the book lovers. And by book lover I mean, I GOT MORE BOOKS! I went to a sale and got some books and I wanted to write about it. The public library has a book sale every year and last year I was lucky. This yeah was… meh for me. I got a few books for my son and some book for my classroom. It was super packed, and I was hot. I didn’t find a lot of horror, but I did find some other interesting paperbacks. The Book Bug had more to choose from I hated that it had closed down but at least I got some books from there too. I also got me some new dolls, but I will post that in my next blog when I talk about hobbies. That will be a topic only by itself because I am a hobbyist as much as a writer. Anyway, I wanted to share some books that I did find.

1) The Wolfen- Whitley Strieber a horror about a pack of wolves

2) Terry Mc. Millan- Waiting to Exhale which was a cool movie now I have the book.

3) Cain and His Brother by Anne Perry- She writes a lot of inspector mystery type books. I have like five of her books and I grabbed another one.

4) Gilead- Marilynne Robinson, I never read it, but she won the Pulitzer Prize

5) Fever- Robin Cook- a horror thriller and writes medical thriller.

6) Little Bee- Chris Cleave who lives in London.

7) A Woman’s Place – Barbara Delinsky a drama book about a woman and her marriage

These books were published way back in the day and early 2000’s. Check out the pictures which ones would you be interested in? I took a picture of how they were displayed. It was a lot of them. A book lovers dream and because there were so many people, I didn't want to capture them.


Children’s Books

I found a few children’s books too and I got some movies. I collect VHS tapes and I have a few that I got for myself. These were some cool finds, and I found a few children’s books. I donated many of them to my classroom so that the children can read them. I finally decided to re-make my reading center. To help them get familiar with words more. I honestly found better children’s books last year than this year. All of these books only costed me four dollars total.

My Book Finds: Hard and Paperback Books

I found a vampire series and I have never heard of these books. I will have to read them and review them one day. You will recognize some of the titles from the list that I put up at the top. The Funhouse looks like a teenage type book that kind of remind me of Goosebumps.


Book Review One: All Hallows Christopher Golden (A+)


I read this new horror novel and I really liked it. The setting took place in the 1980’s and it was centered around Halloween night. I like spooky stuff so It got me going and I could not put the book down. I don’t want to tell too much of the story because some people may want to read this book. This story is centered around a neighborhood where ghosts came out on Halloween. In this case, it was children running from the Cunning Man. Wait…did I say that? It is like some Boogeyman, right? Anyway, this one family The Barbosas have this woods that they decorate every year and this time, it was their last because they are moving. Crazy stuff happen and you have to read it. This book is a solid 10. I hope to write this well one day. Anyway, check this book out horror fans. You won’t be sorry.


Book Review Two: Anna Black (A-) GREAT URBAN DRAMA

This is the second book that I read, and this urban drama is good too. I like reading urban drama and this part two is a good transition from part one. Janiece is married and she is pregnant, but she ends up being a widow until she finds out her husband is still alive. The book never did go into detail on what happened to Isaiah and that was not good in my opinion. You have to cover all bases. Sometimes the writer can leave some clues behind and let the reader decide but with a cut-n-paste drama like this, you need to explain. This novel is a nine 9 out of 10. The story also focused on Janelle’s life which was unique. Will there be a part 3? Maybe who knows I like the series so if she does come out with a part three, I will read it.


My WIP: Putting It All Together

My WIP horror that I have been working on Is a slow process. I am currently putting it all together. I have to make sure it makes sense. I am re-reading my work. Adding here and there and taking some things out. This new horror novel is going to a stand-alone about being in debt and what folks will do to get out of debt. I have to make sure the plot is right and I believe it is, but I just can't rely on myself. Tulie is going through a lot in this next horror novel. She is the staring lead character and she is going to be doing most of the talking. Later on in the novel, you will hear a few other characters talk as well and tell you their short story on how they met the famous loan shark who owns almost the whole city.

So, if you didn't know this, I actually write my novels by hand. The reason why is because I make a lot of mistakes and when I write the novel by hand, it helps me correct them and then I type them on to the computer. I usually do a few chapters at a time. I mostly type at night because I have a day job and whenever I can, I write on the weekends. Because I do a lot, I cannot dedicate hours to just write. I wish I could, one day I will be able to do that. Right now, I am at a chapter of Tulie going to her Aunt's funeral and it was drastic. Lots of pain, hurt and drama. That is where I am at now and yes, I have started working part 3 of my urband horror series. I will be working on Rodger next he will be by himself as well for the foster children split up and escaped seperately.


That is all for this week! Make sure to browse on this blog again when I post the next one. Have a good week and live life you only have one so enjoy it. Thanks for reading!

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