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"Uncovering the Drama: A Must-Read New Book on Amazon" New Drama book Out Now!



Hello, and welcome again to this week’s Monday blog. I have not been up here in a while. I’ve been writing and constructing my new novel. This week, I will be promoting and sharing my new book everywhere. So, sit down and take a look at this new book. To all of the readers thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Now as an indie writer, I do believe in writing as much as you can. I don’t always write, but when I do I am on a roll. I am super excited about this book, and I can’t wait to share it with the world.


About The New Book: The Birth Certificate

Now I came up with the idea of a drama book because I wanted to write something different. I am multi-genre so it’s to be expected. But, I had been told by people that I am good at drama. This is my first novel that is not horror or short story related. I’ve been writing it since last year and now that it is finished, by this week, it will be available on Amazon. I have it in paperback, the Kindle version, and the Kindle Library. I am still working on the hardback now. All I ask is that a person reads my product and gives it a fair review. This book is about a dysfunctional family and it’s a POV,  which means the characters are doing the talking in first person. The main characters are the parents, the child, and more. I want readers to see their minds and witness their experiences. 

The parents are at odds with each other, and their son is right in the middle. This story is crazy even though I had written it. YES, sometimes you look back as an author and you are like, what the hell did I just write?  Anyway, there are more novels to come. So, the craziness ain’t over yet.

This book may be hard to find due to the title, but I do believe that the keywords that I used can help with the search. If you have any problems finding this book, just type my name right next to the title or go into the books section on Amazon and then type it in. Most people may think this is a non-fiction book, but hopefully, the cover will show that it is fiction.



What I am Working On Now

The Fostered & The Damned Series Part Three is Coming Soon!

Right now, I am writing another book, and I am working on other things as well. This next book is another short story horror. Yes, I will always write horror it’s in my creativity to do it. These stories will be fifteen short stories all written by me and I can’t give too many details only that it is horror. I had also written over ten chapters of my next Fostered and the Damned Series about Rodger Atchison who is now 12 going on 13 years old. He is a runaway, and he ends up being in a new home. He and Dontay were together after they left Massachusetts, but then something happened, and they got separated. This new series is a horror as well, but it is part three of my THEM AGAINST US. So, if you haven’t read that, then you need to read it first. The second series is EVENINGS AND NIGHT OPENINGS AVAILABLE. This book is about Charlotte Roberts’s niece and nephew, Mia and Grayson who move to Cape Cod to live with their great Aunt Leonne who runs a restaurant off the coast. They encounter a vampire-kept childcare center and the oldest brother, Grayson becomes a child vampire hunter with his friend, Charlie.

Thanks for reading this short blog, I will write more book reviews soon. Make sure to check out my social media on TikTok at @TieTea and Facebook and Instagram. Be safe, have fun, appreciate what you have, and be happy.


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