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WIP Process, Book Cover Ideas, Birthday gifts, Goosebumps Motherload, & more.

Welcome everyone to my newest blog update. Hello again to all of the readers, bloggers, authors, and hobbyists. This blog is simple just an update of the things that I have been doing so far with my upcoming book and more. I am working on my upcoming novel, another stand-alone horror novel. I am super excited about this book because it will be the first novel not part of my horror series. This will be my first POV story about three women and their lives. There will be other characters in the book as well. Also, I turned a year older on Friday, whoop whoop! Make sure to be on the lookout because my book is almost ready to be published.


WIP Process & Book Cover

I am still editing my second draft now and I am working on changing some fonts. It took me a minute, but I didn’t the importance of formatting a book until I worked on my Evenings and Night Openings Available book. I watched some videos on what to do. It’s a long process and I am still a newbie at writing. Doing the second draft allowed me to add or take out some parts of the story that didn’t make sense and I still have to sometimes rewrite some of the book. The good thing is that I have discovered why it is important to write another draft. My first book, Them Against Us is super long and I should have done some re-writing and formatting to make the story shorter. Many people do not read my first book because it is long but if they read it, they will like it. I have gotten a few reviews on Them Against Us and they all said it was good. My book cover is going to be cool. Some authors do a book cover reveal but I never do that. I will reveal it when I come out with it in the fall.


Catching Errors & Book Release

It seems like the more you review your book and have proofreaders, the more errors you find. Lol, I know I am not the only one that goes through this. So, It can be frustrating but the good news is that I am giving myself months to work on it. My goal is to publish the book in the fall before the year ends that way my goal would have been complete in publishing two books. After that, I will just relax and focus on writing again which I do have some books up my sleeve that I am working on. I am also doing a lot of reading of indie books, and I have been reviewing their books on my own blog. I do this to help other authors especially if they are not selling books because I know how that is. So here are some indie books that I did read and left a review on:

The Housemaid- Freida Mc. Fadden

The Perfect Marriage- Jeneva Rose

My Baby Momma a Loser 1&2

My Psycho Baby Daddy- Quan Millz

Unhappy Home 1&2- Lynette King

Make A Wish- Lynette King

Birthright (The Crystal Throne)- Kim Fredyk

Scary Mary- Emma Mc. Elreavey

Dead Awake 1&2- Christian Green

I also read other books as well and I sent some reviews their way. I have been avoiding the book club this past month because I just have not been into the books and I am waiting for a book that I actually like to read. Hopefully, August book club month will be better because I am about to be disappointed. If you want me to review your book, let me know on this blog or catch me on Twitter or Authors Supporting Authors on Facebook.


Birthday Gifts and Thrift Store Ideas

I turned 39 on Friday and my birthday gift got stolen. Yup, my hubby got my gift for my birthday and was going to surprise me, and it was gone. The delivery man took one of them to the wrong house. I don’t understand how a person cannot read addresses at all. How did this person become a FedEx driver? A person should know the difference between an 8 and a 9. Most homes have their house number on the house and if not the house, then the mailbox. Ugh! Anyway, I got new dolls but not my fashionistas which means I can them on sale soon. I only have two and one of them my husband didn’t know that I already had one, so I have to customize a little. My other two dolls are Monster High and I have a Shadow High doll which is my first one ever. So, I have some pics to show you. The other items are just doll clothes from Dollar Tree and my Barbies can fit them. I have a few dolls that will be nurses so those white outfits will be scrubs my short petite dolls can wear them. My Monster High dolls are just gorgeous and now I have to collect them. I will show some old Monster highs and compare them to the new ones. They did a good job with these new dolls. They made the dolls curvier, and they should have done that at first anyway.

These are my new Monster High dolls and I was excited to receive these. The Shadow High doll is my one one ever and now I want some more. My husband picked them out and I love them. I have already opened up my monster high I just need to open my Shadow High doll.

Goosebumps Motherloads “WHAT THE H***!”

So, I went to Goodwill on Sunday, and guess what I found? I found out that someone should NOT have donated their Goosebumps books. So now I have a motherload of books and I am super excited. Now I have a lot of them. I have to track which ones I have and which ones I don’t have. I already have like five or six and it’s on one of my old blogs. YEAAAAA! I found so many books and now all I need is a place to put them and I have a place. I also found a Barbie and Brooklyn doll. She is black with braids and now I have her. They had other dolls, but I didn’t get them. Why? Because I already have them, and I try not to collect too many of the same dolls. It can be chaotic trust me. Plus, I only get dolls that I can use in my doll picture show. I do have a doll show and I used to do videos in the past. But when I had my son, I stopped doing them so now I just take pictures.

I used to read Goosebumps and if grew up in the 90s like me, you did and you probably watched the tv show. Now, I was poor in school so I never could afford to actually buy the books. Now, I can just them and collect them. I was reading them at the library that was the only way I could read them. Now I just collect them for inspiration and nostalgia purposes only don’t laugh at me. I know I am not the only person who collects Goosebumps. R. L. Stine is a genius for coming up with those books.


Book Review- What Have We Done- Alex Finlay (A)

I had gone to the library and read this book and it's a good thriller, suspense book I will say this book had me on edge. It was better than the book club book and It was good. It reminds me of my own horror novel because it involves foster children living in a group home. Five foster children Arty, Nico, Ben, Jenna, and Donnie and all became hunted down by one of the five who had a lot to lose. Jenna used to work for a corporation and Ben was a black boy who became a judge. I would give this story an A for intensity because it had a lot of it.


Book Review- Pride by Victoria Christopher Murray (B)

I have also read this book as well. I had read a few of Victoria Murry's books. I read Wrath and it was good to me. I liked the story about a young woman who experience a rags-to-riches story but was abandoned by her own mother. She struggled with pride obviously and she eventually became stupid in the end even when her own lawyer who used to be her boyfriend told her that she could get arrested. She still did not listen and she is just the most ignorant hard-headed character in the story for her to be into mortgage finance, makes the story silly. She should have listened to her ex and anyone with sense would learn that her new flame was the stalker. So because I figured that out, I gave it a B because it was a cut-in-paste drama, but the character seem diddy to me. She should have known better.

Learning to Suppress Negative Thoughts

I have been dealing with some internal issues lately. You know that sometimes you can get down and it can become more than just a bump in the road. You know you have depression and just negative thoughts just swirling in your head. We all go through things in life, and we make mistakes and bad choices, but we just have to know how to deal with them to grow from them. So, it’s good to do some self-talk and self-reflection. If you are feeling down, rebuke it and send it away. Never let those thoughts get to you. That is why I always try to think positively. It can help you in life. Anyway, that is all for this week. If you like it please sign up read my books and check them out. When you read my books, please leave a thoughtful review. Thank you all for reading and have a good and blessed week. To all the Cancers out there, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! WHOOOOO!

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