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WIP Progress, Book Club / Indie Review, New Dolls, & Horror Movie Review

It’s Memorial Day! What’s up to all readers, authors, hobbyists, and doll collectors. Today is the new Monday night blog. I hope all the families out there had a fun and safe holiday. Holidays can be fun, and it can also be dangerous and wild Please be careful out there. To all the ones who lost their loved ones in war let's remember them too. This blog will be simple as always. I have some new dolls to share. I had posted it already on Facebook and IG. My husband got them for me on Mother’s Day and my son picked out my card. I also watched a horror movie and I would like to write about it and review a couple of books. I am still reading some indie books and want to write about them. So, let’s get to it.


My horror novel is coming along well. I am in the process of editing it now and I am formatting it and getting it ready. I’m still a rookie when it comes to being an indie author. This novel is going well. I will discuss more about it once my book cover is ready. I had planned on putting this out around August, but I will have to push it back to September or October. Just to make sure the novel turns out alright. I have to read over it and let others edit and read it too. My last blog I had written about my style which is the narrative style mixed with the descriptive. This will be my first book with the POV style, and it will also be in the third person. I’m so excited for this book and I enjoyed writing this novel. I hope that some readers will like the story and appreciate the creativity of the novel. My next step is to work on a new book cover and that is always a challenge but I can do it and my husband is good at that kind of thing.


May Book Club: Eleanor Oliphant (B-)

This month at the book club, we read this book about Eleanor Oliphant a lonely intolerable woman who thinks she doesn’t stink at all. I hated this book at first because it was very negative, and the character acted like Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh. On top of acting like a depressed woman, she still had some sense of pride almost like borderline narcissism. She ended up making a male friend who helps her see that human connection. She fell for a musician like a teenager and it’s a realistic story. I felt sorry for her near the end of the book. It is a good book for antisocial types of people. I would give this a 7 it was not a bad book yet I still do not know what the hype was about it.


Indie Horror: Under Your Bed Short Stories ( A-)

This next book is a horror short story book written by several authors. I liked this book and the stories. There was only one story that I didn’t care for but most of them were good. One of the stories that I liked is my Childhood Photos are not the same. It was about a changeling that came into the character’s life and ended up in all the childhood photos. I would give this an 8 out of ten. I hope that one day, one of the authors will check out my novel. I plan on releasing a short story horror novel myself one day soon.


Horror Movie Review: Evil Dead Rise (A)

This movie is about a single mother who ended up possessed by a spirit. We all know what Evil Dead is and if you don't then you aren't a horror person. There were some fear factors in the movie that got me on edge. The building has an earthquake, there are no stairs and the elevators are bad. Then you have evil entities trying to get you. Yeah, forget what others are saying, that would be scary to me. So this movie gets an A because of the setting of the movie. The setting of the movie was brilliant and horrifying. The only thing that I didn't like is that it had to happen to a single mother. A single mother who is struggling with that. The main characters were women which ain't bad, but when it is constantly being filmed, then it can become a cliche.


Eat A Burger- Doll Scene


I have some new dolls and I wanted to share the two dolls that my husband got for me. I gave them two new names and I have some doll scenes to share with you all. I used to have a doll collection back when I was growing up, but then I lost it all. Now my love for dolls has grown again. The only problem that I have is the lack of space. I need a doll room badly really bad, but this is it for now. This is only one of my hobbies and I enjoy it. Another hobby is doing karaoke night with my friends. I did it one time with my mom and It was fun and miss my mother. It is one of the few fun memories that I have of her. She could not sing at all which made it more funny.

I am right now having problems posting some doll photos up here and it's pissing me off. Here is one of the doll scenes that I had set up and my two new dolls are in the back. The workers are gone at the moment I didn't have a lot of time to post them at work, so they got the day off. All of these dolls have names. I named the blond-haired girl, Mitzi and the dark skin girl, Ara. This is the only photo I can upload. I had other scenes but tonight is the night of acting up.

Well, I hope you all have safe rest of the week, goodnight and thanks for reading.

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