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New Horror Book Ready for Pre-order, Book Review, Carnival Paradise, & Some New WIP Projects!

Welcome everyone to my newest blog update. Hello again to all of the readers, bloggers, authors, and hobbyists. This blog is for anyone who likes to read and write. I have an incredible update for you all. My new horror book is ready for pre-order! Yes! It’s out and if you are interested please check out my website as well. I am super excited about this book because it is my first ever POV by itself. This horror book is not a part of the Fostered and The Damned series like Them Against Us and Evenings and Night Openings Available. This is a stand-alone novel. My three female characters are done telling their stories and now the book will be ready in October. I’m giving myself time to make sure the book is prepared so if I need to make changes, I can do that before it is released. So, if you want to read some drama horror, be on the lookout.

You Have Until Midnight

I remember when I came out with my Evenings and Night Openings Available in January. I kept posting that my new horror book will be out in the fall and I’m sticking to my goal. I was already in the process of writing this new novel, but I had took a break since I’m trying to focus on ways to marketing this next book and putting it out there. My husband did my book cover, and he is talented for real, no cap. I am very happy with how the book turned out and it is always a challenge putting the book out there even though it ain’t that hard at all. Coming out with a new project can be a bit stressful. Anyway, if you do not have a kindle then you need to get one because Amazon has increased the price of printing books, so now authors have to increase their price so that they can have decent royalty payments for their books. I only have a paperback version and kindle the hardback would be too much. If you want to save money, you need to get the kindle unlimited because it is like an Amazon library card. You can read many books for free, and it helps authors they can still get paid. However, it is important to read the whole book. Most authors and writers already know this and those who purchase books on Amazon know this also, but for the rest of the people, they need to read the whole book so that the author can get their full royalties.


New WIP Projects: Whaaat! A Drama Mystery

Now as you know, authors who love to write never stop writing even if they take a long break. I have taken a long break, but I am still working on two new WIP as I am typing right now. I will just post a little bit about what I have been doing. I am working on two WIP novels. It’s better that I do two and three or four. One of my WIP is a novel and it is mostly drama and mystery. It can be a thriller as well. This next book will take place in Missouri my home state. I will be posting some details about the story but not too much. It is a drama about a divorced couple, and they have a child and when I tell you that it’s crazy, believe what I say. This story will be another POV and in first person just like the current book that will be out soon. If you like drama some mystery, then maybe you will like this book.

Rodger from: Them Against Us

Now if you have ever read my first horror book series, then you know about the foster children that used to live with that trifling foster woman, Charlotte Roberts. Fast forward and this is my second WIP. It is part three of my Fostered and The Damned Series. This next urban horror is about Rodger, and he is 12 going on 13 years old and he ends up in another state. If you want to know what happened, then you have to read the first book. This is part of a series so you can skip it, but you will be confused and would have a hard time connecting the dots. When I read a book from a series, I skip around too but then I have to eventually read the very first book of the series. Same with movies too. You will have to watch the first movie. The thing with these foster boys is that each of them will experience in real life, some form of superstitious horror legends and folklore. Ok in my last book, Grayson and Mia dealt with some similar evil stuff at a childcare center and a new character was introduced. Charlie Nelson ended up being one of the side characters, to one of the main leading character. And I didn’t plan on doing that but that is the life of writing, you never know how it will turn out. Rodger is now living with a new family and must deal with the same ole crazy phenomenon.

Book Review This Month:

The Other Mistress- Shanora Williams

I have been skipping out on book club because the books were just boring to me, and I couldn’t get into them. Then they had a horror book that I had already read. I was going to go but I had just got back from my cruise, and I was tired. I got the dates wrong, and I had missed it. I will try to do some new book reviews especially indie ones because I read those a lot on Amazon. I still read indie books because I am an indie author myself and I like to give feedback.

This book was good to me, and I couldn’t put it down. I had read one of Shanora’s books before called The Wife Before. I had read that book too and I might have done a review on that book months ago. So, this is about a scorned wife who was basically mentally ill, and she suffered from a mental illness. Her husband was having an affair on her, and she created a whole new mistress in her head. The story is creative and interesting, and you will not be disappointed so check this book out. I give it a 9 out of 10 hands down. Good work Shanora!

Carnival Paradise! What A Difference

I had so much fun on my vacation. I went on another cruise with my co-workers had a blast. It was hot as hell though so hot that I had to carry a towel just to wipe my face. The heat is crazy, and I had mostly stayed in the pool just to cool off it was so hot. I made sure to bring more than two swimsuits and a water cup. That water cup is a life saver. Always bring a drinking water bottle or cup with you.

Carnival Paradise was different from Carnival Sunrise a little bit different to me. The ship was older, and elevators took too long compared to the elevators on the Sunrise. My husband got me a nice room and the food was not bad. The burgers never miss, and we did fine dining at least three times. I went to Belize, Honduras, and Cozumel, Mexico. I had a dream that I had flew to Belize and everything that I saw in the dream, I saw in real life, and it was fun. I got some souvenirs there and a doll. I try to get a doll from everywhere I go. I have pictures posted showing what I did.

The beach in Honduras was beautiful and I almost fell asleep out there. I ordered some chicken tacos, and they were good, and I got a doll from Honduras as well. We had to take chair lift to the beach. I was the only one bold enough took pictures while I was in the air. I stayed out there in the sun for a while, while some of the others went back to the ship. I love being on the beach even though the beach beat me up a lot with its waves.

Cozumel Mexico was very fun and interesting. The first thing I saw on the stage was Frida Kahlo and I actually have her doll. I should have brought her with me to take pictures. We went to try some tequila and I actually tasted nine different types of authentic tequila and I had a free cup of margarita. They did a show for us and performed some music then we had some tacos. We later did some shopping and again… I found another doll. I just keep finding dolls. I was also given a free small painting by a Mexican artist who paints with his fingers it was very creative. That cruise was another great experience and I enjoyed myself.

That is all for this week’s blog and I thank you all for reading. Make sure to check out my book if you are interested be blessed and be safe.

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