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Welcome to the page for the series, The Fostered and The Damned. Here you will find updates, book releases, and related products. The first book in the series titled: "Them against Us" was released on‎ October 31st, 2020, and is available in physical and digital formats at and wherever books are sold.



                Book One

Foster children: Roger, Pete, Dontae, Miguel, and his sister Mary must survive a cruel foster mother who seems hell-bent on destroying their lives. Mason Mc. Faulkner, a twelve-year-old orphan who knows the truth behind her madness, will do all within his power to prevent the children from becoming satanic sacrifices.

Evenings and Night Openings Available Book Two

Foster children Grayson and Mia Roberts have moved to a new city with their great-aunt. This book series is about two siblings learning their new surroundings at a childcare center called Little Angels. A creature that lives beneath a childcare center becomes a major threat to children and Grayson and his new friend Charlie Nelson both work together as hunters to stop these bloodsuckers from destroying the city.

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